I’m a tech hobbyist thick into the Unix world, retro technology, and open source free software. I’m a recent graduate of the University of Auckland, and currently work for one of New Zealand’s largest telecommunications providers.

I also have keen interests in personal finance, economics, political philosophy, music, and cinema, so you may see content about these things from time to time (particularly the cinema part…).

XKCD is cool too.


What is this site about?

This little site is essentially a wax lyrical about whatever my hobbyist or professional experiences bring me across that I can be bothered to write about. Expect content on Unix, technology history, product management, and occasionally some hardware restoration and other fun things.

WTF does 576i mean?

You can find out what 576i means here.

Where can you find me?

I am reachable at [email protected], this is the best way to get in touch—I actually read my emails!

If you use LinkedIn, I have one of those too.

Otherwise I have a GitHub, but I don’t use it much.


Credit to Hugo & Vanilla for site framework.

Developed with VSCode on openSUSE & macOS, hosted on Kubernetes with NGINX in Aotearoa.